About Us

Campus Landscape is a passionate team of market leading, creative, horticulture professionals that have been trained in landscape & lighting design, installation and maintenance who are committed to serving and assisting our local community through our landscape transformation and beautification projects.

Our team of trained and experienced professionals service both Residential and Commercial accounts. The professional services we offer and provide include: Landscape Design and Installation, Landscape Lighting Package Design and Installation, Irrigation Installation, Modifications or Repairs, Sod Installation or Replacement, Professional Groundskeeping & Maintenance and Private Gardening.

Our Story, Passion & Commitments:

My name is Todd Erickson, Founder of Campus Landscape, LLC. My journey into the landscape industry has been cultivated for over 30 years, but it is an extremely unusual path for someone in this field to have taken.  You see, as a child and even into my mid 20’s I was an artist. I loved drawing, painting and just being creative.  I changed my career training during the collegiate years numerous times searching for a career path that would make me happy or feel fulfilled.  I had spent over 10 years of my life attending various tech schools, community colleges, universities and other forms of official or certified training in all of the following industries: Fine Arts, Advertising-Design, Information Technologies, Business Management, Marketing and even Real Estate Appraisal.  With over 20 years actively working for various Fortune 500 corporations I had developed a professional resume that is too long to share with anyone other than my wife. While I enjoyed the many years of troubleshooting and training while managing IT help desks and working as a software instructor at the Orlando Board of Realtors… it wasn’t until I began my career as a Residential Real Estate Appraiser that I discovered my true passion.

During my first few months of visiting home after home I became very curious about this beautiful tree and that beautiful plant.  As I traveled across central Florida I would often stop at various ornamental plant nurseries or tree farms to speak with the growers and business owners.  My brain was a sponge absorbing all of the information they would passionately share with me about their plant materials, growing habits, nutritional needs, cold hardiness or lack of it.  Honestly, I fell in love with palm trees.  My friends and family used to tease me because I was always talking about them, calling them by their common names, but more often by their botanical names. Within a year of becoming an appraiser I had begun my hobby of collecting palm trees and plants from home owners who no longer wanted them.  My wife and I stripped our personal yard down to just some wild grasses and weeds and began importing collected plant and tree species.  Our property officially became a test laboratory for all kinds of trees and plants.  I’ve always been the type that prefers to learn through real life lessons, so seeing success and failures within our gardens has been a lot of fun for many years.  The “hobby” which was driven by passion exploded and I began doing tons of “side projects” for friends, and their friends.  After a 10 year run as an appraiser and what became our “hobby”, my wife Sylvia and I, agreed that it was time to consider following our shared passion into the world of landscaping.

Campus Landscape was born out of love for the landscape industry, but the challenge for us would be to find our niche and to do it well, because the last thing either of us wanted to develop was a business that resembled 75% of the “mow and blow” types of lawn businesses that you see at almost every stop light at lunch time.  We were not passionate about cutting grass, but at the same time we realized maintenance of all living things is essential for the health and beautification of the entire outdoor setting.  During the first 6 years that we had owned our home in Brandon, FL we had to change lawn services at least 8 times.  We just couldn’t find a crew that would maintain our lawn or landscaping the way we had agreed on, regardless of the amount we had agreed to pay for those services.  Naturally for us, one of the most important elements for the future success of Campus Landscape would be that we would offer services that were superior to what most residential and commercial customers have come to expect from “lawn businesses”.

For decades it has been nearly impossible for residential home owners in Hillsborough County to find a reputable and responsible landscape business that is able to listen, provide insight & vision, guidance and solve common home owner landscaping needs.  Most of the big companies will tell you that they only do commercial work.  The smaller lawn companies won’t return your calls or they lack experience, knowledge or artistic minds and just aren’t able to offer you a landscape development plan that is filled with passion and creativity in a professional manner.  While we certainly aren’t perfect, know that we are continuously trying to improve our business and that if for some reason you feel that my business has failed you or that you are less than 100% satisfied…please call me personally so that I may have the chance to make things right for you.

As a home owner in Brandon, FL and through thousands of conversations with other home owners in Hillsborough County I have come to understand the industry frustrations very well.  Whether its the failures of your lawn service, prior contracted landscape guy or the entire over-priced landscaping package you were given by your builder just before closing on your new home… I understand your frustration and we hope to have a positive impact our industry in ways that will help reduce the negative impact other contractors have left behind.

As the founder and co-owner of Campus Landscape it is my commitment to raise-the-bar, change the trends, expand the lines of thinking, exhaust our resources and to continue to grow our business in ways that will not only challenge my industry colleagues but will ultimately change the industry in our market area.  I’d like to impact the way the general public views and welcomes a true team of honest and hardworking landscape professionals and to also educate and help the consumer see and understand the difference between employing a  reputable “landscape” company vs a cheap “lawn” business.

As part of that commitment it was essential for Campus Landscape to recently undergo a complete rebranding of our corporate identity. Our initial logo and website were designed to appeal to the lawn industry and those seeking routine maintenance services.  At the time these accounts played a critical role in the development of our fiscal budget.  We still love and will continue our relationships that we have built with all of our existing maintenance clients, but we always knew that one day we would fine tune the business and company image.  Our logo would need to shift from a corporate looking lawn service provider, to one that stirred conversation, invited the consumer to stop and think, and one that employed our unique creativity with horticulture materials and our passion for the world of Landscape Design + Build projects.

We are happy to announce that in January 2018 we contracted the creative geniuses at PepRally, Inc of Tampa to help solve our existing corporate identity problem and we are thrilled about the work they had completed for us.  Shortly after the new palm “Boots” logo and package were created we also launched our entirely new gallery based and media driven website that utilizes many different state-of-the-art technologies and showcases our passion for the entire design + build process.  This is just the beginning still for the newly refined Campus Landscape, but the exciting changes to our business model, design + build process and identity are already heavily welcomed and received across Hillsborough County.

Our team of trained and experienced professionals service both Residential and Commercial accounts. The professional services we offer and provide include: 3D Landscape Design and Installation, Landscape Lighting Package Design and Installation, Irrigation Installation, Modifications or Repairs, Sod Installation or Replacement, Professional Groundskeeping & Maintenance and Private Gardening.

CONTACT US: Call Us For A Free Telephone Consultation at 813-571-7111

Email Contact: info@campuslandscape.com

Our Team:

Todd & Sylvia Erickson, co-founders of Campus Landscape, with WFLA News Channel 8 journalist Leslee Lacey after the recent filming of the short story “How to tell when its time to salvage or scrap damaged plants” that aired on 4/24/2018.



Below:  Some of our landscape installation professionals posing as a group after proudly spending a long week creating another wonderful complete landscape package in the Fishhawk market.  (This project is also featured in our Image Gallery and Drone Video Gallery).